The Taiwanese-American identity is a vastly varied one and at times a divisive issue. Moreover, there is political and cultural apathy among many Taiwanese, and under-representation in our communities. Yet, from those who barely identify themselves as Taiwanese, to those who feel passionately about Taiwanese culture, they are all still unified under a common background. Those with the Taiwanese-American identity have the potential to develop into a tight-knit community and strong leaders with a unified voice in this nation.

Our Mission

The Taiwanese American Student Association at the University of California, Berkeley is dedicated to promoting the unity and cooperation of Taiwanese-Americans in the community, the presence of the Taiwanese American community in local and national arenas, and the culture and identity of Taiwanese-Americans. TASA will hold events bringing together men and women of all backgrounds and ideals, uniting them by a common culture and interest, and together building the awareness of Taiwanese-Americans of their own identity and culture, knowledge in their heritage, and strong recognition from others.