Family System

Aside from our weekly events, TASA also offers our members the opportunity to meet new people outside of the college setting through smaller meet-ups that usually take place on the weekends. The family system works with smaller groups within the larger TASA community, which allows our members to make friends through the comfort of a closer environment. Activities with the families usually include going out for dinner at the many restuarants around Berkeley, exploring places such as Emeryville or San Francisco, or even cozy game nights where members can make fresh baked cookies.

TaiHaoWan | Angus Lin & William Liao

Hi everyone! Welcome to the Taihaowan (太好玩, “too much fun”) family! We like to have a lot of fun by meeting new friends and trying new experiences. Whether it’s going on trips outside of Berkeley, eating all the tasty things, or just hanging out with us, we guarantee that it’ll be 太 好玩! Come out to our events this semester and we promise you’ll have the time of your life. We’re all so excited to meet you this semester!

TaiHaoChi | Melissa Chien & Danny Yan

TaiHaoChi is all about having fun and eating food! Join us throughout the semester as we make food, eat it, and just celebrate Taiwanese culture in general. You definitely don’t have to be Taiwanese to join; we welcome everyone and would love to get to know you better. Come hang out with us.