Family System

Aside from our weekly events, TASA also offers our members the opportunity to meet new people outside of the college setting through smaller meet-ups that usually take place on the weekends. The family system works with smaller groups within the larger TASA community, which allows our members to make friends through the comfort of a closer environment. Activities with the families usually include going out for dinner at the many restuarants around Berkeley, exploring places such as Emeryville or San Francisco, or even cozy game nights where members can make fresh baked cookies.

TaiBaeGoals | Alice Young, Chloe Ding, & Andrew Liu

TaiBaeGoals is a family that wants to help you achieve your academic and fitness goals! We will all become smarter by studying together and fitter by working out at the gym. But we also believe in treating yo self so we will often be getting ice cream and watching movies. Join our family to help us help you become the best you!

TaiHaoChi | Mindy Huang, Melissa Chien, & Chris Cheung

Do you love food? So do we! Come join us for lots of fun food-related activities this semester - you and your stomach will not be disappointed! :)