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TASA is a social and cultural student organization celebrating everything Taiwanese American. We welcome people from all cultural backgrounds as long as you are curious, passionate, or have a heart for Taiwanese culture. We hold weekly events involving yummy food, fun activities, and amazing people. We are more than just a club -- we are family!

To learn more about our organization, check out our upcoming events, meet our officers and the TASA families, or browse through our photos and history. You can read about our updates online in our last weekly email or by subscribing to our mailing list!

Visit us on Upper Sproul every weekday each semester from 10 A.M. to 2 P.M. We hope to see you around campus!

Upcoming Events

723 Tea Station Fundraiser
11:00am - 11:00 pm Monday, November 23 2015
723 Tea Station

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Officer Applications

Want to be part of the driving force behind TASA? Are you interested in helping us plan events for the UC Berkeley community? Or maybe you want to see what it's like to be the leader of a TASA family? Have a crush on a cute TASA officer but too shy to say anything?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then consider applying to be a TASA officer for Spring 2016! Being a TASA officer is an incredibly rewarding experience in terms of friendships and personal development. It's a great opportunity to get more leadership and personal skills!

Applications are due at 11:59PM on Thursday, December 3rd. Please apply using our Google form. Prior experience as a TASA officer or intern is not necessary for non-exec positions. Be sure to take a look at our Officer Guidelines as well.

Let any of us officers know if you have any questions about being an officer or the application process, and Good Luck! If you haven't already, be sure to like us on Facebook and subscribe to our mailing list to stay on top of the latest and greatest TASA has to offer.

Posted November 30, 2015

More than a club - we're family

Our History

TASA was initially founded in 2003 to provide a way for Taiwanese-American students to connect with and understand their Taiwanese heritage and identity. Since then, TASA has grown to accomodate all students on campus interested in Taiwanese and Taiwanese-American culture. We've grown and changed much over the years, but our mission to promote community, awareness, and friendship amongst the student body has remained the same. We love hosting fun events for all of our members and look forward to making TASA history this semester!

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One of TASA's biggest draws is the family system! Families provide an opportunity to get to know other members on a more intimate and personal level in smaller and more frequent get-togethers. Some fun family events we've had in the past include picnics, water balloon fights, making dumplings, or just getting a bite to eat with your family! There's no rules about sticking only to one family, so feel free to attend all of our family events! We hope to foster some lifelong friendships through our family system.

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Events and Activities

TASA holds events on a near-weekly basis to bring together and build a community for Taiwanese-Americans and those interested in Taiwanese culture at Berkeley. We host a wide range of events, from making traditional Taiwanese foods and playing mahjong to exploring the streets of San Francisco, with the purpose of fostering close friendships and a greater appreciation for Taiwanese culture. TASA also holds events in collaboration with other cultural groups on campus, including the Taiwanese Student Association, the Korean American Student Association, and International Students Association at Berkeley. Check out some of our past events, and be sure to join us at our next one!

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We wouldn't be able to do anything at TASA without our lovely cabinet. Officers plan and organize all of the events for our members and work hard to make sure that everyone has a good time. We're a diverse group hailing from all sorts of foreign countries and random states you've never heard about! We're proud to call TASA home and we are more than happy to welcome you to our TASA family. And, for those interested in getting involved, we have an officer internship program just for you.

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